From the very beginning ELYZIUM is dedicated to provide its customer a reliable and stable wireless solution.

Elyzium has an experienced team working in the Wireless Solution Industry for the past 5 years. We offer the best value for your time and money..

Elyzium is an Indian company which was founded in 2006 to provide solutions to Network backbone and wireless ISP systems. Elyzium now provides hardware and software solution for networking connectivity not only in India but also for countries around the world.

Our experience team will provide you with extensive stability, controls, and flexibility for all kinds of data interfaces and routing needs.Our company is located in Greater Noida and Faridabad, India and have a strong distributors network.

Elyzium’s veteran management team, with over 25 years of combined industry knowledge, ensures that customers will be met with a high level of service and efficient turn-around on tight deadlines. Strategically integrated services, all under one roof, allow Visual Data to fulfill complex deliveries and solve difficult problems for clients with ease.

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