Networking is a complex and sometime difficult. Network Administrator are under an increasing obligation to provide quality services, either through an increased customer needs or through legal requirements. Our Team can offer you a professional Consultancy service to help you improve your network and services you are providing.

Our Experienced Team consist of Mikrotik Certified Consultant and Certified Trainers providing support in complex wireless or wired networking and also Video Surveillances project. We provide dedicated service from planning till implementation.

Benefits of using Elyzium Consultancy

  • We will analyze your needs and requirements
  • We will propose a variety of solutions
  • We will propose a customized plan
  • We will provide full support during and after implementing a project.

Why Us?

  • Professionalism - Our main goal is to provide a Services in field which we have a good experience.
  • Responsibility - Services provided have guaranteed quality.
  • Flexibility - We reactdynamically and offer services suited to your needs
  • Cost Reduction - Lower cost without compromising with the quality.

If you'd like more information or have additional questions

Please contact us at

+91 991 052 2270