The wireless LAN solution is the easiest alternative to a traditional wired network. When the wireless access point and bridge is connected to Ethernet backbone through an RJ-45 connector, the access point and bridge supports mobile users, temporary work sites, difficult to wire environments and remote access to corporate network data. For campuses and enterprises, Wi-Fi can improve productivity; promote communication, information sharing and collaboration; tighten security and increase safety; and improve employee and customer relations.

Wireless solutions provide full-duplex wireless connectivity at variable distances from less than 1.5 KM to as far as 60 KM away. They are ideal alternatives to multiple E1/T1s or fiber-optic cables and can be used to extend or provide redundancy to existing fiber networks. Because they are wireless and license-free, WANs eliminate wire/fiber installation costs and recurring monthly fees - delivering carrier-class performance quickly, at a fraction of the cost of wired connections.

The wireless technology provides maximum user mobility, flexible installation, a reduced cost of ownership, excellent scalability in supports additional PCs. The wireless LAN connect to other site of network at the speed of 11/ 54/ 108 Mbps

W-iFi and Hot spots are sweeping through municipalities, college campuses and corporates of all sizes creating a buzz of excitement and anticipation unseen in the communications arena since the advent of the Internet. This disruptive technology offers exciting benefits for all.

We provide complete turnkey solution based on Wi-Fi, Wi-Max products. Our solutions provide specialized range of products that allows seamless integration for an end to end wireless network. The solutions suite enables Service Providers, Enterprises, Campus Network Providers and emerging Hotspot Wireless Service Providers robust and reliable connectivity in licensed as well as in unlicensed band..

The unique Features of Elyzium Wi-Fi are:

  • High-speed connections
  • True Wi-Fi.. No cables between the access points
  • Centralised controller Software
  • Bandwidth Management
  • High end equipments that support 100+simultaneous connections thereby reducing the total no of AP's.
  • Standard service level agreements
  • Round the clock customer support
  • On-site customer training, local field engineering and sales office support.
  • Hotspot Functionality
  • Managed Internet with Bad data elimination, User Management and network Management

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