Wi-Fi/Wi MAX

The wireless LAN solution is the easiest alternative to a traditional wired network. When the wireless access point and bridge is connected to Ethernet backbone through an RJ-45 connector, the access point and bridge supports mobile users, temporary work sites, difficult to wire environments and remote access to corporate network data. For campuses and enterprises, Wi-Fi can improve productivity; promote communication, information sharing and collaboration; tighten security and increase safety; and improve employee and customer relations.

Wireless solutions provide full-duplex wireless connectivity at variable distances from less than 1.5 KM to as far as 60 KM away. They are ideal alternatives to multiple E1/T1s or fiber-optic cables and can be used to extend or provide redundancy to existing fiber networks. Because they are wireless and license-free, WANs eliminate wire/fiber installation costs and recurring monthly fees - delivering carrier-class performance quickly, at a fraction of the cost of wired connections.

The wireless technology provides maximum user mobility, flexible installation, a reduced cost of ownership, excellent scalability in supports additional PCs. The wireless LAN connect to other site of network at the speed of 11/ 54/ 108 Mbps

W-iFi and Hot spots are sweeping through municipalities, college campuses and corporates of all sizes creating a buzz of excitement and anticipation unseen in the communications arena since the advent of the Internet. This disruptive technology offers exciting benefits for all.

Features Summary:-
  • High-speed connections
  • True Wi-Fi.. No cables between the access points
  • Centralised controller Software
  • Bandwidth Management
  • High end equipments that support 100+simultaneous connections thereby reducing the total no of AP's.
  • Standard service level agreements
  • Round the clock customer support
  • On-site customer training, local field engineering and sales office support.
  • Hotspot Functionality
  • Managed Internet with Bad data elimination, User Management and network Management
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